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One of the first steps in getting started in Quarter Midgets is to find a club near you.

Try Out A Quarter Midget Near You

Many Quarter Midget clubs hold events throughout the year where kids who are not members of the club can come and try out driving a Quarter Midget to see if it is something they would like to get involved in. These events are often called a Ride Day, an Arrive and Drive, or a Driving Experience.

Take a look at the ones we know about near you:

Buy a Car and Quarter Midget Gear

If you've decided that you want to get involved in Quarter Midget Racing, great! It's a truly amazing family experience! Before you get started with a club, you will generally need to own a Quarter Midget Race Car and the requisite safety gear.

There are a number of options for finding gear. Most clubs will have one or more swap meets during the year. In addition, many of the club websites will have their own classified ads.

Take a look at swap meets we know about near you:

In addition, there are a number of Facebook Groups where you can find used gear:

There are a number of vendors from which you can purchase cars:

In addition to vendors from which you can purchase gear and miscellaneous parts:

For a more complete list and details, see the QMRacingInfo Vendors Page

Attend Novice Training

Once you've gotten your race car and gear and joined a local club, you will need to attend a novice training program at your local club. This will introduce kids to driving a Quarter Midget and teach them a number of skills they will need to start racing. This includes things like how to line up, how to safely pass, and the meaning of various flags and hand signals used in Quarter Midget racing.

The training schedules that we are aware of:

Check Out A Race Day

If you still aren't sure whether Quarter Midget racing is for you, drop by a Quarter Midget track on a race day! There is no cost of admission to watch at most Quarter Midget tracks and there are a lot of families there to answer questions about what racing is really like!

Take a look at race days near you: